Hydrogen from coal to be explored

"RTI International is to explore ways of producing hydrogen on a large scale from coal and coal-biomass mixtures, under a $1.2m contract with the US Department of Energy. The hydrogen fuel contract is part of a hydrogen fuel initiative that the DOE launched in 2003. "Coal-biomass-to-liquid technologies present a great opportunity for the production of transportation fuels from domestic energy sources, thereby reducing our dependence on foreign oil," explained Jason Trembly, a Research Chemical Engineer at RTI who is the project's principal investigator." More

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Hydrogen as Automotive Fuel

"Shell's Santa Monica Boulevard station — which has conventional gasoline pumps as well as an odd-looking nozzle with bright blue "hydrogen" labels — is part of this strategy. So is Honda's decision to lease about 200 of its newly developed FCX Clarity cars over the next three years to selected customers in Southern California, who will be able to fill them up at the new Shell station and others." More

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Hydrogen Car Gets Real-World Test at EPA

"EPA is turning the key on an engine of change, by turning fleet emissions from CO2 to H2O," said EPA Administrator Stephen L. Johnson. "EPA supports new technologies such as hydrogen fuel cells that are good for our environment and good for our economy."  More

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Innovative Hydrogen-powered Car Created

"As the price of gasoline fuel soars, and concerns grow about the impact of car culture on the environment, a team of scientists from the University of Sunderland have come up with a hydrogen-powered car, which they believe is a significant step forward in creating a mass-produced green machine."  More

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