Mutant Algae Is Hydrogen Factory

"Researchers at the University of California at Berkeley have engineered a strain of pond scum that could, with further refinements, produce vast amounts of hydrogen through photosynthesis.  The work, led by plant physiologist Tasios Melis, is so far unpublished. But if it proves correct, it would mean a major breakthrough in using algae as an industrial factory, not only for hydrogen, but for a wide range of products, from biodiesel to cosmetics."  More

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Alternative fuels gaining ground with consumers

"The first of a fleet of buses powered by hydrogen fuel cells -- part of a multimillion-dollar industry-government partnership -- was road-tested in Victoria in September. The entire fleet of 20 buses will be showcased at the Vancouver 2010 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games."  More

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Hydrogen from coal to be explored

"RTI International is to explore ways of producing hydrogen on a large scale from coal and coal-biomass mixtures, under a $1.2m contract with the US Department of Energy. The hydrogen fuel contract is part of a hydrogen fuel initiative that the DOE launched in 2003. "Coal-biomass-to-liquid technologies present a great opportunity for the production of transportation fuels from domestic energy sources, thereby reducing our dependence on foreign oil," explained Jason Trembly, a Research Chemical Engineer at RTI who is the project's principal investigator." More

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Hydrogen as Automotive Fuel

"Shell's Santa Monica Boulevard station — which has conventional gasoline pumps as well as an odd-looking nozzle with bright blue "hydrogen" labels — is part of this strategy. So is Honda's decision to lease about 200 of its newly developed FCX Clarity cars over the next three years to selected customers in Southern California, who will be able to fill them up at the new Shell station and others." More

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Hydrogen Car Gets Real-World Test at EPA

"EPA is turning the key on an engine of change, by turning fleet emissions from CO2 to H2O," said EPA Administrator Stephen L. Johnson. "EPA supports new technologies such as hydrogen fuel cells that are good for our environment and good for our economy."  More

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Innovative Hydrogen-powered Car Created

"As the price of gasoline fuel soars, and concerns grow about the impact of car culture on the environment, a team of scientists from the University of Sunderland have come up with a hydrogen-powered car, which they believe is a significant step forward in creating a mass-produced green machine."  More

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US hydrogen researchers target 300 mile range breakthrough

"The US Department of Energy continued its love affair with hydrogen last week, earmarking a further $15.3m (£8.2m) for 10 hydrogen fuel research projects. The projects, which could ultimately help bolster the infrastructure for hydrogen vehicles, will be part of the DoE's Hydrogen Storage Project, launched in 2003 with the goal of extending the driving range for hydrogen fuel cell vehicles above 300 miles." More

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Ford preview new hydrogen-powered shuttle service

"When a new hydrogen fueling station is unveiled today in the "Show Me" state of Missouri, Ford Motor Company will preview a new hydrogen-powered shuttle service for military commuters between Fort Leonard Wood and Missouri University of Science and Technology. The two hydrogen-fueled buses will make a guest appearance at the station opening to shuttle local officials and visiting dignitaries to the event." More

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Hydrogen power for next RX-8

"In a bid to curb the current car's high fuel consumption and emissions, Mazda has decided the only way to make its rotary engine clean and green is to offer a dual-fuel version capable of running on both hydrogen and petrol. Mazda has been experimenting with hydrogen power for more than two years now, firstly in the RX-8 Hydrogen RE, and more recently in the Premacy MPV." More

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Brentwood Hydrogen Fuel Station

"The future has arrived in Brentwood. It is at the Shell station on Santa Monica Boulevard. Brentwood is Los Angeles' "Ground Zero" for new automobile fuel technology. The first public hydrogen refueling station opened on June 26 at 11574 Santa Monica Boulevard. Integrated with conventional gas pumps, it is the first link in the infrastructure chain necessary to move the concept forward toward reality. Dignitaries were on site to applaud Shell for taking the plunge." More

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Hydrogen car show aims to fuel interest

"An unusual fleet of hydrogen-powered cars is coming to Maine next weekend for a public exhibit and the kickoff of a national tour. At least 10 demonstration fuel-cell cars built by seven different car manufacturers will be on display Sunday at Fort Williams Park in Cape Elizabeth. The cars will be in Portland the next day for the start of a coast-to-coast tour being organized by the U.S. departments of energy and transportation." More

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Johnny Depp's private island will be solar-hydrogen powered

"Depp's island paradise will be powered by one of Mike Strizki's solar panel systems with hydrogen fuel cell storage" More

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USPS to receive hydrogen-powered fuel cell electric vehicle from GM

"General Motors and the US Postal Service are joining forces to deliver mail using hydrogen-powered fuel cell vehicles. Two postal stations, one in Irvine, California, and another to be announced, will be using hydrogen-powered Chevrolet Equinox fuel cell electric vehicles to deliver the mail on regular routes six days a week." More

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How to Build a Solar Hydrogen Home

"Mr. Strizki's monthly utility bill is zero – he's off the power grid – and his system creates no carbon-dioxide emissions. Neither does the fuel-cell car parked in his garage, which runs off the hydrogen his system creates."

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Researchers generate hydrogen without the carbon footprint

"A greener, less expensive method to produce hydrogen for fuel may eventually be possible with the help of water, solar energy and nanotube diodes that use the entire spectrum of the sun's energy, according to Penn State researchers. "Other researchers have developed ways to produce hydrogen with mind-boggling efficiency, but their approaches are very high cost," says Craig A. Grimes, professor of electrical engineering. "We are working toward something that is cost effective." Currently, the steam reforming of natural gas produces most of our hydrogen. As a fuel source, this produces two problems. The process uses natural gas and so does not reduce reliance on fossil fuels; and, because one byproduct is carbon dioxide, the process contributes to the carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, the carbon footprint."  More

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HydroGen faces Nasdaq delisting

"Struggling fuel cell developer HydroGen Corp. said today that Nasdaq has warned that the Cleveland company no longer qualifies to be listed with the stock exchange. The company has until Jan. 6 to achieve a minimum bid price of $1 per share for 10 consecutive business days or face delisting. HydroGen shares were trading this morning for 22 cents to about 25 cents." More

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Hydrogen-powered SUV Tested in Washington

"General Motors asked Alexandria's Tom Albert to try out their gas-free, zero-emissions, hydrogen fuel cell powered SUV for a few months. "There's just a couple subtle differences, the way it accelerates, there's no transmission so you don't notice any gear changes, there are no gear changes," Albert said." More

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Fill up your car... at your home hydrogen fuel station

"A fuel station producing enough hydrogen to run householders' homes and cars has been unveiled today. The British invention, due to go on sale within two years, is roughly the size of a heating boiler and will cost under £2,000. Its creators say it will revolutionise commuting, help homeowners slash energy bills, and give easy access to a fuel that does not produce carbon dioxide emissions, helping to combat climate change." More

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Beijing Olympics to use hydrogen vehicles

"The 20 hydrogen cars are reportedly the first new energy vehicles permitted to go on the roads in China. All have covered the 300km safety test and have gone through other safety and endurance trials. The hydrogen cars, based on Volkswagen Passat Lingyu, were manufactured by Shanghai Volkswagen on its latest fuel cell powertrain platform. The powertrains are supplied by Shanghai Fuel Cell Vehicle Powertrain Co., Ltd (SFCV), Tongji University and Shanghai Automotive Industry Corporation (SAIC). The vehicles will ply between Olympic sites. Sources said the hydrogen cars will provide courtesy services and inspection tours between Olympic stadiums." More

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Volcano Yields Ancient Hydrogen Producing Organism

The new hydrogen economy may just be jumpstarted by a very old microorganism that has been garnered from the bowels of a volcano. Virginia Tech has teamed up with the U. S. Department of Energy (DOE) and the Russian Academy of Sciences to develop and refine the hydrogen producing qualities of the billions year old archaea found in the volcanic area of Uzon Caldera, Kamchatka in Siberia. More

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